The mountain has overturned (collapsed) [ Prituri sa planinata ]

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The mountain has overturned (collapsed)

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The mountain has overturned
And captured* two shepherds.
Two shepherd, two friends.
The first shepherd begs her**:
"(spare my life) I have beloved who shall grieve about me."
The second shepherd begs her:
"(spare my life) I have mother who shall grieve about me."
The mountain replies:
"Oh, you two shepherds,
A beloved one grievs from morning till noon but a mother grieves for life***"
The mountain has overturned
And captured two shepherds.
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Author's comments:

* Literally - buried beneath
** In bulgarian folklore the mountains and the forrests were considered as a living beings
***Literally - to the grave

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Prituri sa planinata

Притури са Планината,
че затрупа два овчаря,
два овчаря, два другаря.
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