It profanes my breast (Profana mi pecho)

English translation

It profanes my breast

Come for me
To the hell in my heart
Take me
To the door that tiles your voice
Prove me
How to finish the eternity
And also
to keep silent promises of altar
Breaks in my
The image of whom I adored
And the cross
Where I nailed my sin
Let me
Put and fall these nails
Into you
To burn ourselves in peace
While falling I’m dying in your eyes
And come back to your arms being born
I’m waiting for you in my breast once again
And I’m waiting for this day to create in it
I forgive you the silence
Of a long winter
I forgive you your vagueness
And I’m seizing the moment
Where only a body
Conceives the eternity
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Submitted by zaza77 on Wed, 23/10/2013 - 18:48

Profana mi pecho

Ven por mí
Al infierno en mi corazón
A la puerta que teje tu voz
Cómo lo eterno acabar
Y también
Promesas de altar silenciar