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In the beginning, there was nothing but the ocean, until the Mother of all islands arose: Te Fiti! Her heart had the greatest power known to us. It could create life! And Te Fiti shared it with the world.
But in time, Te Fiti's heart piqued the interest from some who believed its power over creation would be granted them. And one day, the most brazened of them made his way over the wide ocean to steal it.
He was a half-god of the wind and of the sea
He was a warrior, a deceiver, a shapeshifter, who could shapeshift with the help of his magical fishhook.
And his name was Maui.
Yet without her heart, Te Fiti began to decay and borne into a terrible darkness.
Maui tried to escape, but one who also sought the heart stood against him: Te Kā -- a demon of earth and of fire.
Maui was knocked down from the heavens and was never seen again.
And his magical fishhook and the heart of Te Fiti sunk into the sea.
Even to this day, a thousand years later, Te Kā and the demons from the deep continue to search for the heart.
They lurk in the darkness which spreads relentlessly, chasing away our fish,
Consuming all life, island after island, until every one of us are devoured from the bloodthirsty jaws of inescapable death!
But one day, someone will find the heart. Someone who will dare to leave our reef,
Find Maui, take him over the great ocean, bring back the heart to Te Fiti,
And thereby saving us all.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Prolog [Prologue]

Am Anfang gab es nichts als den Ozean, bis die Mutter aller Inseln entstand: Te Fiti! Ihr Herz hatte die größte Macht, die wir kennen. Es konnte Leben erschaffen! Und Te Fiti teilte es mit der Welt.
Doch mit der Zeit weckte Te Fitis Herz Begehrlichkeiten. Manch einer glaubte, sein Besitz würde ihm die Macht über die Schöpfung verleihen. Und eines Tages machte sich der Unverfrorenste unter ihnen auf den Weg über den weiten Ozean, um es zu stehlen.
Er war ein Halbgott des Windes und des Meeres,
Er war ein Krieger, ein Täuscher, ein Formwandler, der sich mit Hilfe seines magischen Fischhakens verwandeln konnte.
Und sein Name war Maui.


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