This Is The First For Me (proti mou fora[Πρώτη μου φορά])

English translation

This Is The First For Me

You walk across me, I lose my mind
I don't know what to do as well
If I wait for you, you may leave
I don't want you to avoid me
And I'm not afraid to talk to you
But it is said that in fairytales
The princess will wait until
You come for real
This is the first time for me that (my heart) beats on a crazy rhythm
My heart is gonna break
How can I tell you this
My greek isn't that good
Got me feeling blue I'm so stuck on you
Babe I am falling to pieces
Feel like I feel and with just a kiss
I know you're gonna love me
Ah to be held by you
To be drown in your kisses
And as you'll have me in your two hands
Give me the starts
I look at you and you torture me
My body is sweating
Stay by my side, don't let me anymore
Sleeping alone
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proti mou fora[Πρώτη μου φορά]

Περνάς μπροστά μου, εγώ τα χάνω
Δεν ξέρω και τι να κάνω
Αν περιμένω μπορεί να φύγεις
Δεν θέλω να μ' αποφύγεις
Και δε φοβάμαι να σου μιλήσω
Μα λένε στα παραμύθια
Πως η πριγκίπισσα θα περιμένει ώσπου