Kosmikud - Pulmad ja matused (English translation)

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Weddings and Funerals

The expectant daughter is groaning at home, in confinement1
A hasty wedding will take place because she wasn't taught well
After a few hits with a stick, the bitch would've listened to reason
The daughter's honour is gone along with the ship of that townee-man
A wedding and a funeral
A wedding and a funeral
Weddings, weddings, funerals
She couldn't hide her swelling apron for long
Now no crying or weeping helps, who asked you to screw?
That damn geezer captain will soon be six feet under
Hasty weddings, quick endings; it won't be said twice
  • 1. actually: 'on the corner bed' = an oldish expression about the time around delivery... childbed?
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Author's comments:

This song uses many oldish expressions. e.g the first line has two.
I don't know what the last sentence should be about. Honestly, till now I didn't really know that this song had verses because the chorus was too catchy.

If you're wondering about the Clash! between the song's title and chorus, then both "pulmad" and "matused" happen to be the same type of word as 'trousers'. Almost the same type of word, I lied... Their plural can be used in the place of the singular BUT singular forms exist too. (Generally, I think that nominative singular can sound weird in many contexts; but afterwards AKA in other cases, it gets a lot messier. In addition, I think that "pulm" likes singular more than "matus".)


Pulmad ja matused

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