We are traveling (Putujemo)

English translation

We are traveling

People are pushing each other
Old habit
Women, children, workers
from everywhere
From stories and destinies
trains are full
Above head are dancing
heavy suitcases
We are traveling, we are traveling
Houses without facades
Red brick
Domestic animals
Wooden fence
Picture unwinds
Out of space
My eyes record
like a movie camera
We are traveling, we are traveling
In this country everything is possible
Grandmas and frogs are friends
Living is slow
and dying is quick
Songs are sadder
as you go more south
Wheels and the railway
Rhythm of sections
Every journey
New section
We are traveling, we are traveling
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Guraju se ljudi
Stara navika
Žene, deca, radnici
Iz svih krajeva
Priča i sudbina
Puni vozovi
Iznad glave igraju


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