Vaya Con Dios - Quand elle rit aux éclats (English translation)

English translation

When she roars with laughter

Swaying her hips, moving forward, leaning down,
With red hair, provoking, checking you out, vamping you!
And you already know that there won't be anyone else but her,
Her body, her voice bewitching you.
You don't see her spying on you, watching you
When, with others, she's roaring in laughter.
Fatal, swooning, alarming, disarming you,
Leaning upon your shoulder, clinging to your words.
And you already think she's staggering, turned inside out,
When, languid, she's quivering and sighing.
You don't understand she's one of those who enamor
With their bodies, and without their souls.
Swaying her hips, moving forward, leaning down.
Frivolous, flirting here and there, alighting and then flying off.
And you already feel your heart cracking ;
You would give everything for her to linger!
You can't imagine that she's spying on him, watching him
When, with you, she's roaring with laughter.
And you don't see the trap
Which will shatter your heart.
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Quand elle rit aux éclats

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