Stay here (Quédate aquí)


Quédate aquí

Quédate aquí
En mis brazos
Quédate aquí
Para mí,
Y no me digas que me amas
No me digas que me adoras
Dime solo que te quedas
Una vida junto a mí
Llévame por allí
Llévame en tus ansias a un lugar
Donde ya no tenga que jurar
Donde ya no tenga que mentir
Donde solo exista para ti.

Y no me preguntes si te quiero
Que no te preocupe lo que pienso
Que yo soy completamente tuya a mi manera
Pero cuando quiero ser tu sueño
Yo no me conformo con tus besos
Quiero darte todo lo que siento y más que eso

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English translation

Stay here

Stay here
In my arms
Stay here
For me
And don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you adore me
Just tell me you're staying
A life with me
Bring me there
Bring me with your anxiety to a place
Where I won't have to judge
Where I won't have to lie
Where I only exist for you

And don't ask me if I love you
Don't you worry about what I think
Just know I'm yours in my own way
But when I want to be your dream
I won't be satisfied with just your kisses
I want to give you everything I feel and even more

Submitted by sethmachine on Thu, 02/12/2010 - 20:54
Author's comments:

The original lyrics in Spanish posted had some typos, this may have caused some minor inaccuracies in the translation. This translation is more literal than idiomatic to give an exact idea of what the singer is trying to say.

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