Wanna kiss on the mouth? (Quer beijar na boca)


Quer beijar na boca

Quer beijar na boca?
Abraçar sem roupa?
Paixão muito louca
Vem, vem, vem

Quer beijar na boca
Abraçar com roupa, sem roupa
Numa pressão muito louca
Vem, meu bem

Tô nem aí pro que diz
Tô feliz, tô cantando
No meio da mulherada, tô pagando

Vou longe atrás de um piseiro
Bebo e não fico tonto
Se é pra abraçar, se é pra beijar, pra namorar, se é pra ficar
O meu nome é pronto

Na festa sou o primeiro
Sou rockeiro, violeiro, baladeiro
Já conheço o esquema da moçada

Chego cedo no pedaço
Me preparo pro regaço
Na real, na real, na real
É só balada

Submitted by musica115 on Wed, 01/02/2012 - 01:09
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English translation

Wanna kiss on the mouth?

Wanna kiss on the mouth?
Wanna hold me without clothes?
Very crazy passion
Come on, come on, come on

Wanna kiss on the mouth?
Wanna hold me with or out clothes?
In a very crazy pressure
Come on, baby

I don't give a shi* for what you say.
I'm happy, I'm singing
among the beautiful women, I'm paying for that.

I can go too far just to look for some enjoyment.
I drink but I don't get dizzy.
If they ask me to hold, to kiss, to date, or just to make out,
then call my name.

In the party, I am the first.
I'm rocker, guitar player, balladeer,
I already know the people's plan.

I arrive early in the place,
then I prepare myself to enjoy.
The truth, truth, truth?
It's all about party!

Submitted by dowlenon1 on Sat, 16/06/2012 - 16:53
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evfokas     June 18th, 2012

In english it's probably better to say "call my name". You may want to change the star either on "shi*" or the footnote

dowlenon1     June 18th, 2012

Hello Evfokas,

Thank you for helping me. I have corrected the first suggestion "call my name", but I did not quite understand what you meant with: "You may want to change the star either on "shi*" or the footnote".

Could you explain to me better? Or point out where is the part that I need to change? Thank you!

dowlenon1     June 18th, 2012

Re-reading what you said, I wrote "shi*" with a star because this word is considerated to be "bad" for some people. That's why I have put "*" on it, but I see there was a misunderstanding, since the footnote there was, too, a star.

evfokas     June 18th, 2012

Yes you can use a different mark for the footnote

dowlenon1     June 18th, 2012

So, that's all then! Thank you very much for the help! Smile