Ingrid Lukas - Rainspell (Vihmaloits) (English translation)

Estonian (South)

Rainspell (Vihmaloits)

Mine üle, vihmakene, (x2)
vihmakene, vellekene, (x2)
ooekene, omatsekene, (x2)
saokene, sõsarakene! (x2)
Teed mo likes - ma ligene, (x2)
teed mo märjäs - ma mädäne. (x2)
Ei ole esä tare tennü (x2)
egä veli paari pannu (x2)
võõras nurga nukertenu, (x2)
võõras kivi kergitenu, (x2)
võõras saina saisma pannu, (x2)
võõras kivi kergitenu. (x2)1
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Lyrics provided by the the artist. The song is sung in võro language, which is spoken in Southern Estonia, Võru county. See Wikipedia article here:

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English translation


Pass, dear rain
dear rain, brother
dear shower, one of my own
dear rainfall, sister
You make me sodden, I soak
You make me wet, I rot
My father didn't make a house
and my brother didn't marry me off
1a stranger made my corner
a stranger lifted the rocks
a stranger made the wall stand
a stranger lifted the rocks
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You see, for the spell to work you need to impersonate an orphan.

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