Rhapsody (Rapsodia)

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One day the old lovers
Meet in a bar
Deceitful but sincere telling how it goes
It was raining outside and they were there
Thinking about who knows where
Who knows why it finished.
One day the old lovers tell each other their ages
Sweet resentments and other truth
Who are we, feeling lost?
So different from the heroes in our movie
With the irony and a bit of trouble
In this immense rhapsody, now about us
But one day the old lovers long for more
Dreams and desires of another youth
And they leave their families, betray their friends
They don't want advice about how to be happy
And when the old lovers leave each other at the bar
They will become songs of a time far behind
Who are we, sitting here?
Listening to a story of a life that didn't work out
Who are we, sunk in shame
For this immense and hopeless rhapsody
Oh who are we, sunk in shame
For this immense and hopeless rhapsody
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Letmesleep4 years 5 weeks
Letmesleep     April 21st, 2012

Hi, Paneurythmie!
One small correction to your translation:
"Chissà perché finì" means "Who knows why it finished/ended", because "finì" is 3rd person singular indicative past tense (3° persona singolare dell'indicativo passato remoto)
Otherwise I like your translation very much! Smile

Paneurythmie     April 22nd, 2012

Grazie Smile