Parting [ Razluka (разлука) ]

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Darkness will come from all bogs, from all gorges
And knout will be over horses.
Flying to darkness alone you'll sing about your loneliness
But I'll cry an old song
Parting - it's eternal enemy of Russian dreams
Parting - it's midnight thief of happy midnight
And under wheels is only ground
And because of thunders I can't hear
Neither sounds of your rapiers nor sounds of your tears
Even words asking help
What's the trouble that will be with us all centuries?
What's the necessary that we pay to when say goodbye to dear one?
Why does this reality give us dreams like
Beautiful light over sad songs?
Maybe we have to not detach our happy hands
Maybe we have to give eternal freedom for horses
But north calls us, south calls us
And again wheels knock for parting
And suddenly coming miles
will break my fate
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Author's comments:

Wheels means a train, a car or a cart. It depends on time song was written.

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Razluka (разлука)

И глянет мгла из всех болот, из всех теснин,(теснина - ущелье)
И засвистит веселый кнут над пегой парою...( пегая пара - кони)
Ты запоешь свою тоску, летя во тьму один,
А я одна заплачу песню старую.


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