Hotel Colorful Dreams

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Renkli Rüyalar Oteli


arabayı sen kullan demiştim içkiliyim
boşver yutalım şeritleri,bas gaza'dedin.
bu otel güzel,adını sevdim,
orda öyle yerlerime dokun,dokunmadığı kimsenin
sarhoş olsak ya,kimiz unutsak ya,bulut olup iç içe
bardaktan boşansak ya
tek vücut olsak ya
yüksek doz aşk alıp
burda mutlu ölsek ya

yıllar önceydi,çok da güzeldi şimdi düşününce
benimsin demiştim ben de senin
renkli rüyalar otelinde
kapıları çalmıştım
o cevapsız savrulmaya
hiç atmayan kalpleriyle insanlara
ama sen farklısın dedim,dedinki sense
''dikkat et sadığımdır sadece KENDİME!''

Submitted by Laysi on Tue, 20/01/2009 - 20:28
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Hotel Colorful Dreams

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I used to say "Drive the car, I feel drunk"
You said "Nevermind, let's gump the lanes, c'mon accelerate"
This hotel i s O.K., I like the name
Touch my parts there, touch the parts that nobody has ever touched
C'mon get drunk here, C'mon forget who we are,
Shall we become clouds in each other,
And shall we get poured down together,
C'mon, Shall we become one flesh,
By taking overdose love,
Shall we pass away in a delighted way...

It was many years ago, and it was wonderful, on second thought;
I used to say "You are mine, and I am yours"
In The Hotel Colorful Dreams
I used to knock at the doors
For being driven away without answers,
To the people who has never-beating hearts...
But I said you're different, and you just said,
"Be careful, My loyalty is just to myself"

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