Please translate "Shores Are Not For Vacancies" from English to Turkish


Shores Are Not For Vacancies

I fucked up
And you're with me
Can't decide, feeding the secrets I hated
You're not the fighter
Be yourself
Can't see all of your pressure
Can't see why you're harmed you were precious
Can't, I can't
Shores are not for vacancies, don't stand there
Your loved ones lost their wings
At least don't hate that
You're standing on the shore
And this tension
This tension eats clearence
It teaches wounds those never owned your happiness
Teach wounds made of golden black
Teach wounds made of golden faith
Shine as a golden black
Shine as a golden fait
You shine
And you'll learn
You never kill a morning star
Shores are not for vacancies
You just shine, you are my golden sun