Kaliopi - Rock & Roll za laku noć (English translation)


Rock & Roll za laku noć

Stanuje na uglu moje ulice.
Svira bas, ima strašan glas.
Govori tako dobro engleski,
da zavide mu svi!
Curice zbog njega šiju haljine.
Vole ga, to mi ne smeta,
jer on je moj, mada mama brani mi
da viđamo i volimo se mi!
Meni on daje svaki ton.
Svako veče meni svira on
Rock za laku noć.
Jednom „Yeah“ – znači volim te!
Dvaput „Yeah“ – ti si meni sve!
Rock & Roll za laku noć!
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English translation

Rock & Roll for a good night

He lives at the end of my street.
He plays an instrument and has a horrible voice.
He speaks good English
to amaze everyone else!
Girls sew their dresses because of him
They love him, it doesn't bother me,
because he is mine, although my mom doesn't allow
us to see each other and to love each other!
He gives me every single note.
He plays every single night to me.
Rock for a good night.
Once "Yeah" - means I love you!
Two times "Yeah" - you mean everything to me!
Rock & Roll for a good night
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