Lay of Roland (Rolandskvadet)




Seks mine jarlar heime vera, gøyme det gullet balde,
Andre seks på heidningalando då svinga dei jørni kalde!
- Rida dei ut av Franklandet med dyre dros i sadel,
Bles i luren Olivant på Ronsalavollen.

Runde dei opp sine silkje segl høgt i sigalråe,
Sigla dei ut åt hei'ingslondo i virkevikune ein og tvåe.

Arene og ankaret tok inn på kvite sanden:
Det var Roland, konungafredan, trødde den fysste på land.

Slogest dei utpå Ronsarvollen i dagane två og trjå;
Blåmennan fall for Rolandssverd som gav seg fyri ljåe.

Fram så søkte blåmann-fjødi skygde fyri sole;
Reddast var ein jamningen bad Roland blåse i hornet.

Roland sette luren fyr blogga munn, så bles han i med vreide;
Ljoden ber ivi hav og fjell, i trio dagar av leide.

Det var Magnus kongjen, no set han i å gråta:
Kva tru vantar freden min? No høyrer eg luren låta!

Det var Magnus kongjen,
Skundar han sin fred:
Daud låg Roland konunga-freden,
Heldt i han sitt sverd.

Heim kom Magnus kongjen.
Og settest dei alle traude.
Skipet var fullt av sylv og gull,
Og heidningan låg att daude.

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Lay of Roland

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Six of my earls were at home, guarded the shining gold
another six in heathen lands brandished the iron cold

- They rode out of the Frankish land on saddled beasts
blew in the horn Olivant at Roncesvalles

They ran up their silken sail high on the mast
sailed out to th heathens' land in one and two wooden ships

The oars and anchor bit into the white sand
it was Roland, the king's man, stepped through the foam on land

They battled at Ronvesvalles for two days and three
the blue-men fell before Roland's sword that behaved like a scythe

Forward thrusted the blue-men's spears, blotted out the sun
one comrade became afraid, asked Roland to blow his horn

Roland set the horn to his bloodied mouth, blew it with wrath
The sound bore over sea and mountain as far as three days' travel

There was Charlemagne King, began to cry:
what might my kinsman be in want of? I hear the horn sounding!

There was Charlemagne King, hurried to his man:
dead lay Roland, king's man, held his sword in hand

Home came Charlemagne King, buried them all unwillingly
The ship was full of silver and gold
and the heathens lay in death.

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Author's comments:

I felt I had to post an improved version of the translation because the one commonly found on the internet is full of errors. (cf xkcd.... "someone is wrong on the internet!")

"dyre dros i sadel": "dyr" as in sw. "djur", not as in en. "dear". So, animals. The line is a bit tricky, but literally it means "beasts drawn in saddles". Yes, Norwegian can be a bitch with its homonyms due to streamlined orthography.

"virkevikune" is a so-called kenning; virke means wood and the whole thing has nothing to do with weeks, instead it simply means ships.

One rather ambiguous word is "fred(en)", which Glittertind pronounces "frend(en)". In Scandinavian, "frende" means "kin, relation" and NOT "friend"! However, it might also denote a special position of honour, so I went with "King's Man" most of the time.

"Jamninge" is an interesting word, literally it means "an equal (man)". So not just a footman, but a person of similar rank. (In fact, it was Roland's friend Olivier.)

The rest should be pretty straightforward, simple dictionary work.

I hope this clears things up a little.

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