I'm in your soul (Ruhundayim)

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I'm in your soul

I'm on the road that apparently has no end
My only love, I left it in your hands
Without you it does not exist, without you
I forgot to live, this heart has stopped beating
It's the last goodbye, the last separation
I can't do/take it all by myself
Please, don't cry, what a pity
Stop your tears
Wherever you are, you're by my side
Do not look anywhere in vain, I am in your soul
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sonu belli olmayan yollardayım
ellerinde kalan bir tek aşkım
olmuyor sevgilim sensiz olmuyor
yaşamayı unuttum bu kalp artık atmıyor
bu son veda bu son ayrılık
dayanamam tek başıma
sen ağlama ne olur yazık


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