Ultima Thule - Sörjd Och Saknad (English translation)

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Mourned and Missing

See at the head of the entourage
for King and Country,
Some leftover rebels, an insurrection
against the totalitarian power
St George fought the dragon;
Engelbrecht fought for freedom.
And Gustav Vaasa took up arms
when the people suffered badly.
The ancient times lacked heroes
similar to today.
This lack is deplorable
leads to uneasiness, and demands
Where is there a man today
Or a woman to come forward
A rolemodel to follow,
standing upright, proud and strong.
(REF Regular smile
I want to see the old heroes come forward
I wanted to see them again
I want to see the old heroes come forward
I wanted to see them again
See the times how they are changing
see the barren days of gloom
Where, hunger, distress and sudden death
only obey their own law.
But this cradle lulled the heroes,
with weathered skin and hardwilled
that gave air and live to the heroes
Courage and strength to go forth
Woe to the wicked leaders
that don't care for the flock
Woe to falsehood, woe to the tongues
That are drunk from the people's wine.
In wisdom, let not (mere) words
Be a restraint to violence
Yet there are new paths
On which heroes can go forward.
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Sörjd Och Saknad

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