From your lips (Sa tvojih usana)

English translation

From your lips

What possessed me
to confide in you
and open up my soul
as if it were a book
What made me hand my heart
over to you on the palm of your hand
and say love me or break me
take me or leave me
Every word
from your lips
is as sweet as honey to me
is as a prayer to my soul
And every smile from your lips
even unrest and peace is my gift from God
love me tonight and break me tomorrow
it would be worthwhile
But when the roads separate us
miles far apart
remember my name then
You're my repentance
my last sin and prayer
and say love me or break me
take me or leave me
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Sa tvojih usana

Šta me je to tjeralo
da ti se povjerim
i dušu svoju
kao knjigu otvorim
Šta je to što me navelo da srce
ti položim svoje na dlan
i kažem voli il' slomi


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