Sa2altak 7abibi [ Sa'altak Habibi (سألتك حبيبي ) ]


Sa'altak Habibi (سألتك حبيبي )

سألتك حبيبي
لوين رايحين
خلّينا خلّينا
وتسبقنا سنين
إذا كنّا عطول
وليش منتلفّت خايفين
أنا كلّ ما بشوفك
كأنّي بشوفك
لأول مرة حبيبي
أنا كل ما تودّعنا
كأنّا تودّعنا
لآخر مرة حبيبي
قللي احكيلي
نحنا مين
وليش منتلفّت خايفين
ومن مين خايفين ؟
موعدنا بكرى
وشو تأخر بكرى
قولك مش جاي حبيبي
عم بشوفك بالساعة
بتكّات الساعة
من المدى
جايي حبيبي
ويادنيي شتّي
يا سمين
عللي تلا قوا
ومش عارفين
ومن مين خايفين

Sa´altak habibi
Lwen raihin
Khalina khalina
Otsba2na alsneen

Atha kna 3atol
altakaina 3atol
Olesh mantlafat 5aifin

Ana kl mabshofk
Ka´ane bshofk
Laol mara habibi

Ana kol ma toda3na
Kana toada3na
La5er mara habibi

klli ahkili
nahna min
Olesh mantlafat 5aifin

Omn min 5aifin?

Mao3dna bokra
Osho ta´a5ar bokra
Kolk msh gae habibi

Am bshofk bal sa3a
Btkat alsa3a
mn almada
gay habibi

Oeadnye shty
Ea smin
3alli talako
Omsh 3arfin
Omn min 5aifin

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Sa2altak 7abibi

I asked you , where are we going baby?
Leave us here and let the years pass us by
if we were met and its forever, why are we scared?
every time I see you, is like I'm seeing you for first time
each time we say goodbye, is like it's our last goodbye
tell me, who are we, and why are we( looking around) scared,
and from whom ( we are scared)?
tomorrow is our date, and tomorrow is late, do you think it's not coming?
I see you baby,in the clock, in its ticking's, coming from nowhere
Oh life, rain jasmine on those who have met and they don't know
From whom they are scared
I asked you, where are we going baby?
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