My flavour (Sabor a mi)

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My flavour

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We enjoyed this love for so long
And our souls got so close that now
I carry your flavour
But you also
Carry mine

If you were to deny my presence in your life
I'd just need to embrace you and to talk to you [1]
I gave you so much life
That whether you like it or not
Now you carry my flavour

It's not my intention to be your owner
I'm nothing, I don't possess any vanity
I always give the best of my life
Because I'm poor so what else could I give?

Many more than a thousand years will pass, many more
And I don't know if love exists in the eternity
But there, just like here
In your mouth you will carry
My flavour

Submitted by citruswind on Sun, 13/03/2011 - 17:49
Author's comments:

[1] He means that those actions would suffice as proof of his presence.

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