Greetings, and goodbye (Schönen Gruß, auf Wiedersehn)

Greetings, and goodbye

There's a huge party
Since the parents are away
On 50 square meters
About 200 people
The Ramones sound from the boxes
There's enough to drink
And the fishes of the brother
Take a bath in the whisky

Mother's room is the room to make out
And who has no partner
Just watches father's favorite
Porn on video
The mood is great
Until the flat's door opens
And with panic in the eyes
The parents stand in front of us

So that's why we say:
The time with you was great
It seems better
To go now
We can't see tears
Greetings, and goodbye"

Out of longstanding experience
The retreat follows skillfully
Deathjumps from the balcony
And into the backyard
Outside the celebration continues
Inside it looks sad
Destroyed is the family and the house

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Schönen Gruß, auf Wiedersehn