Write you (Schreibe dir)

English translation

Write you

I write on speed words feathery
And let thoughts fantasize
I open the curtain
People laugh loudly and I start to balance
I sharpen the shadows, bring light into this day
Dance on the roofs of this time
I am the same but still alien for everyone who knows me
Barely anything knows anything
I simply sit here
Without a single
Clue what's happening
And I write you
I don't make things up, only think about how to phrase it
Frame the picture in which I dive
Give myself vent and open the arm and take the sunrise with me
Moony I describe myself
How you see through every word
Guard the day with a proud look
Lay the hands on the paper, a secret with you
In the hope that you realize it
Submitted by Steena on Mon, 09/11/2009 - 13:32

Schreibe dir

Ich schreib auf Geschwindigkeit Wörter federleicht.
Und lass Gedanken phantasiern.
Ich zieh den Vorhang auf.
Menschen lachen laut und fang an zu balanciern.
Ich stell die Schatten scharf, bring Licht in diesen Tag.
Tanz auf den Dächern dieser Zeit.
Bin derselbe trotzdem fremd für jeden der mich kennt.
Kaum einer weiß bescheid.


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