Slave of love (Sclavul iubirii)

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Slave of love

You came in my way
It was like in a movie
And it seemed we already knew each other
for a long time
Your shy smile
Fascinated me
To kiss you
I wanted so much
I have found you... than
And I know, I am a slave of love
(I am) now (now)
And I know it
I remain, slave of love.
I could swear
That you felt it too
How life held us both
Since than I have known
that I have found something
That I missed so much
In my life
How sad is this !
How it rains in my life sometime
Now that I have found you
I keep calling you
Submitted by Michaela55 on Wed, 07/03/2012 - 22:15

Sclavul iubirii

Mi-ai apărut în drum,
Ca-ntr-un film eram,
Și parcă ne cunoșteam
de mult.
Zâmbetul tău timid
Pe loc m-a fascinat,
Să te sărut


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