Karl-Erik Taukar - Seitse pühapäeva (English translation)

English translation

Seven Sundays

Every day you hurry around, without a break
until you notice again that night has arrived (yes, arrived!)
Sometimes hope can totally shatter
when you see no light at the end of the tunnel
It seems that no road thrives
because it's as if there is always a knot somewhere
When you stand with your back against the wall
and try to find a way out...
When finally
friends are together,
friends are together,
the wall1 disappears
In this manner, out of weeks, you wring
seven Sundays
because when
friends are together,
friends are together
it all thrives and rolls.
Sometimes it's hard,
so damn hard,
the last step seems so far away.
Towards the stars, addition to your biography
even bigger wishes
time brings [them]
In this manner, you hurry on
more and more
and more
  • 1. sein = housewall; müür = wall around a town etc
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Seitse pühapäeva

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