You're Different


Sen Başkasın


Küstürdün, canimdan bezdim
Insafa gel yeter!
Ya beni de al oralara,
Ya da kalbimi bana geri ver.
Bu kacinci güzüm yazina küsen
Yillar oldu, özledim.
Bu kacinci unutup giden
Yine ben mi? Yine mi ben?
Yine mi oyuna gelen

Aslinda kimi zaman
Karsi koyamadim, dayanadim
Ben de senin gibi seytana uydum;
Seni aldattim
Ne nedamet duydum
Ne de ugruna kahroldum
Ben de günümü gün ettim
Dile kolay, sarhos oldum
Istedim, ama yapamadim
Üstüne gül koklayamadim,
Denedim... Ama olmadi.
Kimseleri yerine koyamadim

Sen Baskasin, baskasin...
Ah nafile, bambaskasin...

Bu kacinci güzüm yazina küsen
Yillar oldu, özledim.
Bu kacinci unutup giden
Yine ben mi? Yine mi ben?
Yine terkedilen

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English translation

You're Different

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you made me sulk (you), I'm fed up with my life
Behave justly, that's enough!
Either take me away there
or give my heart back
This is after how many autumns that sulked its summer
It has been years, I missed
this is after how many ones that went forgetting (me)
Is it me again? Is it me again?
(Is it me) again the one that was deceived, again, was left (given up)

In fact, sometimes I couldn't resist
I couldn't outstand
I went along with the devil like you
I fooled you
Neither I regretted
nor I inwardly grieved deeply for you
I made my days "day"*
it's easy for the tongue**, I had a jag (I soused)
I wanted but I couldn't do
I couldn't smell rose on (after) you***
I tried but it didn't happen
I couldn't place anyone on your place

you're different, different
Ah in vain, you're quite different...

Submitted by partizanka on Tue, 09/11/2010 - 14:04
Author's comments:

*I did whatever I wanted, I enjoyed myself
**It is easy to say for tongue but it's sth difficult to live.
***I couldn't love anybody, I couldn't fool you

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