Since You Left Me


Sen benden gittin gideli

Öyle ağırım ki kendime
Sen benden gittin gideli
Tenim küs olmuş tenime
Sen benden gittin gideli

Öyle bıkmışım ki kendimden
Kurudum düştüm dalımdan
Sanki ruhum çıktı canımdan
Sen benden gittin gideli

Bir cefam var idi bin oldu
Aktı gözüm yaşı sel oldu
Yaz baharım döndü kış oldu
Sen benden gittin gideli

Submitted by naxreq on Sun, 19/12/2010 - 10:20
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Since You Left Me

I cry so much to myself
since you left me
my skin sulked to my skin/body
since you left me

I'm tired of myself, so much
I'd withered and fell from my branch
it fells like my soul has left my body
since you left me

used to I had a torment, now it's become one thousand
my tears's ended up with flood
my summer and my spring have turned into winter
since you left me

Submitted by maia on Sun, 19/12/2010 - 23:26
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