You're Going (Sen Gidiyorsun)

You're Going

Your hands are going
Your voice is going
Your breath is going,but
You're going before them all

My tomorrow's going
My past is going
My life,my reason are going,but
You're going before them all

Your smell reminds on my cushion
The last witness of our lovemaking
You're going

Going is taking all the reminders
I don't know it but you know,surely
You're going

You owe me a blink
From your last going

Be the winner of this love
But let the last bullets
Be mine

Write it and play
All the scenes
But let the claps for us
Be mine

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Sen Gidiyorsun

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inciska4 years 6 weeks
Bulgarian rose4 years 43 weeks
    October 12th, 2012

Thank you for your translation attempt. Here are some comments/suggestions to improve your English translation:

1. block 3, line 1: you have "reminds"; it should be "remains"
2. block 3, line 2: you do not translate "Kalıyor" - how about: "It remains the last witness..."
3. block 5, line 2: you have "a blink"; it should be "a glimpse"
4. last block, line 3: you have "the claps"; it should be "the applause"

One other minor error - In English there should be a space following a comma.