You were my beloved (Sen yarim idun)

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You were my beloved

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You were my rose
You were the one I loved
We promised to each other until death
You were mine
It was our destiny, beloved
This dark fate
We gave our word, we didn't keep
Our word.
Let it be my curse to you, may you never forget me
May you remain without a beloved until you die
I can’t forget now, I’ll always love you
I’ll die for you
You were my beloved
You were my passionate love
I loved you so intensely
You were my everything
Our fate is like this; it set our ways apart
What can we do; we couldn't build a nest
I see that, this love burns me and burns you too
We fell apart forever, beloved
I can not get enough of those beautiful eyes of yours
It’s enough already, I can’t cry for you
I can't get enough of those beautiful eyes of yours
Every thing is done, I can’t/won’t cry for you
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Sen yarim idun

Sen gülüm idun,
sevduğum idun,
söz vermiştuk ölümüne
sen benum idun.
Alnumuza yazildi yar
bu kara yazi
söz vermiştuk tutamaduk


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alen.ahmed8     August 4th, 2013

soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful thnk u soo much