Your Mind (Seu Pensamento)

English translation

Your Mind

In this time
Where is your mind gone?
Are your feet embedded in a rock
Or are you traveling, the wind blowing your hair?
In this time
Where is your mind going to?
Are you taking turns around the world
or strolling by the parking lot
Where? Far away? in Lisbon? London?
Or laying in my bed?
In this time
Where is your mind wandering about?
Are your feet ambling by the beach sand,
Although you stand the middle of your room?
In this time
Where is mind coming up
Is it beneath my skirt?
or in the sky?
Where? Far away? in Leme? Luanda?
Or in my bed?
Submitted by algebra on Tue, 06/07/2010 - 16:17

Seu Pensamento

A uma hora dessas
por onde estará seu pensamento
Terá os pés na pedra
ou vento no cabelo?