Worthy (Sezaavar )

English translation


The only person who is worthy for you is me!
I can keep all of your secrets
Read me!i'm your repitition
Wind,can get to the house finally
Flower,can get to bud
The night sobs,can finally get to love step
Upu are the voice
Which i need it to call me
Please attent to my heart
Let's get away(in persian they use sea to get away)
I don't even believe my self
I need to arrive(to get)
Why i can't get to you?
Why?why i can't?
Read me(call me)in the name of love
Read me in the name of you
If you'de be finish,
All those unfinished poetry will be end
My heart is singing for you
Your languege is mute
Im not with you but i am...
Im just looking for your signs every where
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فقط سزاوار توام
حافظ اسرار توام
بخوان که تکرار توام


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