ALways on my mind (Siempre en mi mente)

English translation

ALways on my mind

You are always on my mind
I'm thinking of you every moment, my love.
How do you expect that I can forget you?
If you are always...
always on my mind.
What can I do? I don't know... I can't find anything...
I can't find a solution
And I try to forget you
I want to forget you
And I don't know how to forget
Always on my mind
You are always on my mind
How did you do to forget about me?
Help me to forget you... on my mind
you are always... always you...
always on my mind.
Always on my mind, how do I forget you
Always on my mind
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Siempre en mi mente

Tu estas siempre en mi mente
Pienso en ti amor a cada instante.
¿Como quieres tu que te olvide?
Si estas tu siempre tu tu tu…
Siempre en mi mente. (x2)
¿Que voy hacer? no se no encuentro nada nada nada