Static & Ben El Tavori - סלסולים (English translation)

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Silsulim (vocal frills)

We don't have Ibiza, not much in the visa, but there's the breeze of Eilat and the Sea of Galilee.
So if you feel it's hot, get yourself a car and a bathing suit, there's no summer like this - in any other country.]
So let's put all the problems away, together we'll teach them one by one, that the thing that speaks to Israelis is bass with silsulim¹
Welcome, start right, the hottest place in middle East. Small state, look around, there's a big mess² in Tel Aviv. Love mawalim³ and start flying when the beat gets in, the rhythm of the bass, make a circus in your head.
And until when⁴, in the middle of the desert, nothing else is needed so I sing.
The girls here, there's nothing like the girls here. Each of them in color, com'on how tanned are the girls here, it's hot so they drink here, how much they drink here, the temperature goes up so the girls get on the car (easy)
From the heat of the Negev to the Hermon that's how it's in the country that's how it is in Zion - every Saturday on the grass in the stadium
That's how it's in the country that's how it is in Zion - alcohol from Russia, Moroccan food, Ashkenazi violin with a little tina nay nay, even if if from the outside, it looks like it sucks, wallak° we don't complain, even if
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Author's comments:

¹silsulim= vocal frills, a type of singing.
²big mess - ביג באלאגן (transliteration: big balagan) the word 'big' isn't in Hebrew.
³Maawal= type of singing, similar to silsulim.
⁴ until when - עד מתי ) transliteration: ad matay) a saying said by Israeli soldiers while on service, waiting for it to end.
°Wallak- וואלאק : slang used in Hebrew, comes from Arabic.



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