My dear little sister! (Siostrzyczko kochana !)

English translation

My dear little sister!

- "My dear little sister!
Why do you lean on your little hand
so sadly
and you don't hum the song?
How can I sing songs
how can I be happy?
My little garden is ruined
I have damage in the little garden"
Ruta has been trampled
Roses has been picked
lilies has been broken
the dew has been shaken off...
- "Did this wind blow from the north?
Did the river overflow?
Did Perkūnas1 howl?
Did he throw lightnings?
- "The wind didn't blow from the north
the river didn't overflow
Perkūnas didn't howl
lightnings didn't strike.
"It were bearded people
who came from the sea
they came ashore
and they destroyed the garden
They trampled ruta
they picked roses
they broke lilies
and they shook off the dew
And I - alone
I barely hid myself
under a ruta twig
under a dark wreath2..."
  • 1. Perkūnas - the god of thunder, rain, mountains, oak trees and the sky
  • 2. a misprint, it should be: green
    The original: from "Kunikagas" by Józef Ignacy KRASZEWSKI
    Translated into Lithuanian language: J. KLIČIUS (1958)
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Siostrzyczko kochana !

—„Siostrzyczko kochana!
czegoś się na rączce
oparła tak smutna
i nie nucisz pieśni?
Jak mi piosnki śpiewać,
jakmi być wesołą?
Ogródek zniszczony,


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