You can't leave ! (Ski me ik)


Ski me ik

Krejt ate kohe qe ta kom dhon
nuk e ki mo,jo,se boll u bo
u merzita tu t`prit
veq ni hap me qit
se di,pse gjithmone ik.

Ti pom bon mu ni mire
po e kom veshtire ty sot met rezistuu.
Spo du met lon mem `Rrshit
se je tum nxitt,tash e di un` qysh mu sill.

Pot vi kadale
Ti pse u nale
Vi t`shty me qellim
e ti kerkon falje
prej ni ushtime
po ki dyshime
shlirohu pak,un` kthehna prape (prape).

S`po nalna,S`po nalna
`S`du mu nal pa u tejkalu normalja 2x.

S`ki me ik
S`ki me,S`ki me ik,ik
S`ki me ik, se nuk t`lo me ik ik
x 3
S`KI me ik,Ski me ik
S`ki ku iik,,edhee pikk.

Kete here ,nuk ki me mar
Kete naate un` du met qu

qysh `n fillim kur t`pashe
e kom ndi e kom pas ni ndjenje t`veqant
Ksaj radhe spo du
Met lon n`dor kurgjo
krejt nen kontoll du me i pas.


S`po nalna,S`po nalna
`S`du mu nal pa u tejkalu normalja x 2

Ski me ik,ski me ,ski me ik ik
S`ki me ik,Ski me,Ski me ik ik x 2

S`ki me iikk Ski me S`ki me ik ik
Ski me ik
Ski me iik
Ski me iiik
Ski me iiiik.

Submitted by romania on Mon, 28/05/2012 - 20:04
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English translation

You can't leave !

All that time i used to give you,
you dont have it
anymore, because enough is enough
i am sick of waiting for you
to make a step
i dont know, you always leave

you make me feel so good
and i find it hard to resist you
i dont want to let you get away
coz you work me up, now i know how to behave with you

I'm coming slowly
why did you stop?
i come and push you intentionally
and you aplologise
from the sounds of it
you have doubts
let loose a little lets turn back

we arent stopping, we arent stopping
i dont wanna stop untill we exceed what is called normal

you cant go you cant go
you cant go i wont let you go
you cant go , thers no place for you to go
you cant go and thats it!

this time you dont have a say in this
this night i want to take you higher

since the first time i saw you i felt a special thing
this time im not going to let anything up to you
i wanna be in control of everything

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