Little Cutie (Slatka mala)


Slatka mala


Slatka mala, slatka mala veštica
slatka mala, slatka veštica

Ima telo, igra kao zmija
crnu kosu, plave oči
pogled ubija

Ne smem da je pogledam
ona je veštica
veštica prava, prava, prava

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Slatka mala, sladak ja
bićeš moja, da, da, da
slatko ljubi, slatka je
ima vrele usnice

Slatka mala, ta slatka mala
slatka mala, veštica
slatka mala, ta slatka mala
slatka veštica

Usne njene vuku me da ih ljubim
s njima se stopim ceo
kada ih poljubim

Njenim noktima neka me grebe
po celom telu, po celom telu

Refren 2x

Submitted by jelenabrus on Wed, 26/06/2013 - 19:46
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Little Cutie

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It's me baby, Yankoo

Little cutie, cutie
you will be mine, yes
How she kisses is cute, she's cute
she has hot lips

She has a strong body, she plays like a snake
black hair, blue eyes
her looks (as in when she looks at someone) kills

I can't look at her
she is a witch
a true, true, true witch

She has a hot look
I can't look at her
she is a, true, true witch

Now seduce me, take me
to some of your dark places
do what ever you want, I will be your infidelity

Now take me, seduce me
in some, some dark club
if you want, when can fly even on the cube

Her lips pull me in to kiss them
with her I melt all over
when I kiss her

Let her nails scratch
around the whole body
body, body, around the whole body

Submitted by mabushii on Tue, 13/03/2012 - 15:54
Author's comments:

When I write out look it means when she looks at someone. Not by how she looks xD

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