dreams [ (Sny) Сны ]


(Sny) Сны

Знаешь, для всех ты мечта и тайна;
Взгляды, движенья твои идеальны.
Голос звучит, как родник хрустальный;
Нет, я влюбляюсь в тебя неслучайно.

Даришь ты игриво взгляд неуловимый
И проходишь мимо, ну и пускай!
Знаю я не надо быть с тобою рядом,
Провожу я взглядом - прощай!

Но только в тайных мирах, в мечтах,
Лишь в снах придёшь ты ко мне.
Но только в тайных мирах, в мечтах,
Лишь в снах с тобой ждём чудес.

Не добиваюсь любви ответной,
Знать мне неважно с кем и где ты.
Вслед за тобой не бегу по свету,
Нет, мы живём на двух разных планетах.

Но когда я рядом, ловишь меня взглядом
Среди звездопада, хотя б на миг.
Знаю, что ты хочешь быть со мною ночью,
Чтоб сгореть в объятьях моих.

Submitted by linds113 on Fri, 20/04/2012 - 19:25
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English translation


You know, to everyone you're a dream and a mystery;
Your looks and movements are perfect.
Your voice rings like a crystal creek;
No, I'm not falling for you by accident.

You give a playful, passing glance
And you walk right past me, oh well!
I know I shouldn't be by your side,
I'll just watch you walk away - goodbye!

But only in another world, in my wishes,
Only in my dreams do you come to me.
But only in another world, in my wishes,
Only in my dreams do we wait for miricles together.

I don't fight for your love,
I don't need to know where you are and whom you're with.
I'll follow you anywhere,
No, but we live in different worlds.

But when I'm near you, you catch me with your glance
Even in the midst of a meteor shower, just for a minute.
I know that you wanna be with me at night,
To burn in my passionate embrace.

Submitted by banana.nikitina on Fri, 20/04/2012 - 20:17
Author's comments:

This sounds really creepy in English... Smile

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linds113     May 5th, 2012

Thank you! I think it sounds fine haha Smile

banana.nikitina     May 8th, 2012

Haha OK then, you're welcome! Laughing out loud

denisadellinger     May 27th, 2013

Thanks so much for the translation. I love this song and wanted to know what he was singing about. I just knew it was something romantic. I wish I could see a transliteration of the The cyrillic alphabet just throws me. I would love to sing along.

Kashtanka1965     July 28th, 2015

Your voice rings like a crystal spring rather then creek. I won't run all over the world for you, rather then: I'll follow you... Even among the fallen stars, rather then meteor shower. The rest is very good.
Kind Regards