Summer In The Hood

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Summer In The Hood

I am hanging out at the booth in the hood
and ordered drinks
The sun beats down on my head
and I feel like the king of the world
Pretty cool, but I sweat like a pig

Everything is full of crap –
the garbage men have a “heat-wave holiday”
At the [welfare] office, the boys wait in the shade getting their Hartz IV [checks] *1
in Bermuda shorts and flip flops
In the park everyone is looking in vain
for a free corner between cigarette butts
and foul smelling plastic bags

There is just warm beer
The asphalt is melting on the street
All the people are cooked well-done
and tomorrow morning writes the image:

At last, summer in my hood
All at once everyone is in love
Let us run around the houses
because it is summer in my hood
(Summer in my hood) (5X)

100 degrees Fahrenheit
The sweat flows everywhere, I die immediately
(The Taste of Summer)
My skin is burned
Nevertheless I relax and chill on the beach
(The Taste of Summer)
In the smog and the stench,
you quickly becomes aggressive
Nothing more with Peace
(The Taste of Summer)
Moistened cloth on the head
In addition, I become crazy from heatstroke
(The Taste of Summer)
I’ve gone crazy
Dive headfirst from the roof into the freezer
(The Taste of Summer)
And the sun gives us the golden shot
and then it is over:

(Summer in my hood) (9X)

The line for ice cream is a mile long

Everyone is allowed to drop the wrappers
because they all feel hot
Going to the art room topless, like a convertible
I puke with joy on the street in my Barrio

I run around the block non-stop
yet another round
and I see mini skirts shorter than a second
Even if it is sometimes unbearable
It is summer in a my hood
It doesn’t get any better!

(Summer in my hood) (5X)

Submitted by Berliner25 on Tue, 24/04/2012 - 00:42
Author's comments:

*1 Hartz IV = Legislation put in force in 2005 mandating significant cutbacks in social welfare benefits for long-term unemployed persons.

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