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William DunkerTrop t'chaud (Awouss')  Walloon 1 day 16 hours
Amin AbbasovGecə-Gündüz  Azerbaijani1 day 16 hours
Amin AbbasovShine  English1 day 16 hours
MinaVenus  English1 day 16 hours
Amin AbbasovEvleniyoruz  Turkish1 day 16 hours
Amin AbbasovWhen the Comes  English1 day 16 hours
ShiningFFF  Swedish1 day 16 hours
I Don't Know How But They Found MeMr. Sinister  English1 day 16 hours
ThalíaMis Deseos / Feliz Navidad  Spanish1 day 16 hours
Khaled AggagEssett de ummi (الست دي أمي)  Arabic (other varieties)1 day 16 hours
DeolindaCanção da tal guitarra  Portuguese1 day 16 hours
Saša KovačevićBez tebe me nema  Serbian1 day 16 hours
Melo'menTek Meni Süy (Тек мені сүй)  Kazakh1 day 16 hours
Melo'menDalada Qar (Далада қар)  Kazakh1 day 16 hours
ThalíaMe Pones Sexy  Spanish1 day 16 hours
دياب مشهوريابو ردين يابو ردانة  Arabic1 day 16 hours
دياب مشهورعالمايا عالمايا  Arabic1 day 16 hours
RenzoBolşı Janımda (Болшы жанымда)  Kazakh1 day 17 hours
ThalíaLove me tender  English1 day 17 hours
Maria del Mar BonetDigues, amic  Catalan1 day 17 hours
Les SkartOi!Love Is What You Give  English1 day 17 hours
The Key of AwesomeHunger Games: Catching Fire  English1 day 17 hours
MinaPassione  Neapolitan1 day 17 hours
Maria del Mar BonetLa petxina  Catalan1 day 17 hours
Raymond RousselMon âme  French1 day 17 hours
Soccer Anthems Of MexicoHimno del Club de Real Saltillo Soccer  Spanish1 day 17 hours
DeolindaAlvalade e as portas de Benfica  Portuguese1 day 17 hours
TurbonegroRendezvous With Anus  English1 day 17 hours
TurbonegroDeathtime  English1 day 17 hours
Moreno no CaprixoNão te usei  Portuguese1 day 17 hours
Grand JojoJules César  French1 day 17 hours
TurbonegroScrewed And Tattooed  English1 day 17 hours
Nimeni Altu’Aşa rămân  Romanian1 day 17 hours
Julos BeaucarneDe mémoire de rose  French1 day 17 hours
MinaGrigio  Italian1 day 17 hours
Edoardo BennatoViva la mamma!  Italian1 day 18 hours
Julos BeaucarneCa commence il était une fois  French1 day 18 hours
Ehab TawfikElly Medawebny اللى مدوبنى  Arabic1 day 18 hours
Julos BeaucarneLettre à Kissinger  French1 day 18 hours
Sami Yusuflet us not forget  English1 day 18 hours
Julos BeaucarneJe fis un feu  French1 day 18 hours
Luis Antônio Cajazeira RamosSoneto Patético  Portuguese1 day 18 hours
Vanessa ParadisWaiting an angel  English1 day 18 hours
XXXTENTACIONALONE, Part 3  English1 day 18 hours
MinaResta lì  Italian1 day 18 hours
Christian Hymns & SongsAkathist  Greek1 day 18 hours
Vanessa ParadisTu si na cosa grande  Italian1 day 18 hours
MinaCon te sarà diverso  Italian1 day 18 hours
Julos BeaucarneLolotte  Walloon 1 day 18 hours
Troye SivanStrawberries & Cigarettes  English1 day 19 hours
GarbageBecause the night  English1 day 19 hours
WaxRight Between the Eyes  English1 day 19 hours
EruptionI Don't Know  English1 day 19 hours
ThalíaLa Súper Chica  Spanish1 day 19 hours
EruptionWe Are On The Race Track  English1 day 19 hours
BengüNeden  Turkish1 day 19 hours
Momoko KikuchiNight Cruising  Japanese1 day 19 hours
Marianas TrenchGood To You  English1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasCorderos de la noche  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasSin hilo  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las Pelotas¿Que podés dar?  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Momoko KikuchiMystical Composer  Japanese1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasSi supiera  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Belgian FolkloreChant des étudiants wallons  French1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasPersonalmente  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Stone SourThe last of the real  English1 day 19 hours
Manuel Riva (Deepcentral)Miami  English1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasPasajeros  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasComo un buey  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasHoy me desperté  Spanish1 day 19 hours
ThalíaHoy Ten Miedo De Mí  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Keyakizaka46Futari saison  Japanese1 day 19 hours
Stone SourMy name is Allen  English1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasEsperando el milagro  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Momoko KikuchiTomorrow  Japanese1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasDesaparecido  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasSerá  Spanish1 day 19 hours
Las PelotasLa clave del éxito  Spanish1 day 20 hours
EdisKöle  Turkish1 day 20 hours
Marília MendonçaA Culpa é Dele  Portuguese1 day 20 hours
Laura PausiniFrancesca (Piccola aliena)  Italian1 day 20 hours
Son Feci BisikletTeslim Tesellüm  Turkish1 day 20 hours
ThalíaEstrellita  Spanish1 day 20 hours
Las Pelotas¿Para qué?  Spanish1 day 20 hours
KiryuWatashi. (私。)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
Laura PausiniZona d'ombra  Italian1 day 20 hours
Las PelotasCapitán America  Spanish1 day 20 hours
KiryuShigamizakura (獅噛ミ桜)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
KiryuOboro (朧)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
KiryuAa (嗚呼)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
Ufo361Power  German1 day 20 hours
KiryuAun (阿吽)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
Jah KhalibПринцесса и нищий  Russian1 day 20 hours
Stone SourRU486  English1 day 20 hours
Rabih BaroudInti Hayati (انتي حياتي)  Arabic1 day 20 hours
ThalíaDe qué manera te olvido  Spanish1 day 20 hours
Awesome City ClubMoeru Hoshi (燃える星)  Japanese1 day 20 hours
The ChainsmokersEverybody Hates Me  English1 day 20 hours
Ben CramerWinter  Dutch1 day 20 hours
Awesome City Clubyes kara futari hajimemashou (yesから二人始めましょう)  Japanese1 day 20 hours