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Awesome City ClubASAYAKE  Japanese1 day 20 hours
Kostas MakedonasΌνειρα χαμένα (Oneira Xamena)  Greek1 day 20 hours
ThalíaCosiéndome El Corazón  Spanish1 day 20 hours
Deserts Chang討人厭的字  Chinese1 day 20 hours
EaglesIs it true?  English1 day 20 hours
Ece SeçkinBen marulum  Turkish1 day 20 hours
ThalíaCorazón, Corazón  Spanish1 day 20 hours
33aЯ знаю  Russian1 day 21 hours
EaglesTake it to the limit  English1 day 21 hours
La PortuariaSupermambo  Spanish1 day 21 hours
Mashrou' LeilaTayf  Arabic1 day 21 hours
La PortuariaHoy no le temo a la muerte  Spanish1 day 21 hours
Céline DionBenjamin  French1 day 21 hours
La PortuariaBaby  Spanish1 day 21 hours
La Portuaria10000 km  Spanish1 day 21 hours
MC StojanJednom majka radja (Једном мајка рађа)  Serbian1 day 21 hours
La PortuariaSelva  Spanish1 day 21 hours
Hatim AmmorKhater  Arabic1 day 21 hours
Moi Dix MoisLamentful Miss  Japanese1 day 21 hours
The Gray HavensSilver  English1 day 21 hours
CapoTotentanz  German1 day 21 hours
RoxetteCall Of The Wild  English1 day 21 hours
Rivers & RobotsVoice That Stills The Raging Sea  English1 day 21 hours
Rivers & RobotsShepherd of My Soul  English1 day 21 hours
Lazy Town (OST)OST - Cooking By the Book (PT- BR)  Portuguese1 day 22 hours
Matthias ReimDas Lied  German1 day 22 hours
PyhimysJättiläinen  Finnish1 day 22 hours
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausVäärät profeetat  Finnish1 day 22 hours
Orben baruchMizman  Hebrew1 day 22 hours
Memphis la bluseraMoscato, pizza y fainá  Spanish1 day 22 hours
Matthias ReimAlles Was Ich Will  German1 day 22 hours
Patrizio BuanneMein Vater [Winnetou Melodie]  German1 day 23 hours
Memphis la bluseraLa última lágrima  Spanish1 day 23 hours
ThalíaCon Los Años Que Me Quedan  Spanish1 day 23 hours
Memphis la bluseraAngelitos culones  Spanish1 day 23 hours
I Don't Know How But They Found MeNobody Likes The Opening Band  English1 day 23 hours
JulaBędę Za Tobą  Polish1 day 23 hours
Memphis la bluseraLa flor más bella  Spanish1 day 23 hours
Carla DanielRendez-Vous  Portuguese1 day 23 hours
Monika MartinRiver Blue  German1 day 23 hours
ThalíaBeijame  Portuguese1 day 23 hours
The ready setSlow down  English2 days 1 min
Tina Turner Whatever You Need  English2 days 8 min
Magda HainMöwe, du fliegst in die Heimat  German2 days 11 min
Slon in sadežMa naj bo štrom  Slovene2 days 18 min
ThalíaAmor eterno  Spanish2 days 28 min
Jorge NegretePaloma querida  Spanish2 days 30 min
Lia TaburceanManza  Romanian2 days 33 min
RepublicEmberlelkű földeken  Hungarian2 days 33 min
Slon in sadežEkološki manifest  Slovene2 days 42 min
Mohamed El HelowNaweely ناويلى  Arabic2 days 43 min
Timo Rautiainen & Trio NiskalaukausElegia  Finnish2 days 1 hour
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Il Vento Tra I Capelli (Reprise) [Wind In My Hair (Reprise)]  Italian2 days 1 hour
ThalíaAlguien Real  Spanish2 days 1 hour
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Wind In My Hair (Reprise)  English2 days 1 hour
Chris StapletonI Want Love  English2 days 1 hour
ThalíaMe dediqué a perderte  Spanish2 days 1 hour
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Le Vent Dans Les Cheveux [Wind In My Hair (Film Version)]  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiAnti Hit Sale  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiPVP  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiMarlboro Bled  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiCadence  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiSalop(e)  French2 days 1 hour
France GallDady da da  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiJ'en ai marre  French2 days 1 hour
Therapie TaxiHit sale  French2 days 1 hour
Maître GimsLoup garou  French2 days 1 hour
ThalíaViagem Ao Passado  Portuguese2 days 1 hour
HalseyAlone (Remix)  English2 days 1 hour
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Weht der Wind durch mein Haar [Wind In My Hair (Film Version)]  German2 days 2 hours
PyhimysTapa Poika  Finnish2 days 2 hours
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Il Vento Tra I Capelli [Wind In My Hair (End Credits Version)]  Italian2 days 2 hours
SofianeMadame Courage  French2 days 2 hours
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Il Vento Tra I Capelli [Wind In My Hair (Film Version)]  Italian2 days 2 hours
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Wind In My Hair (End Credits Version)  English2 days 2 hours
Tangled - Before Ever After (OST)Wind In My Hair (Film Version)  English2 days 2 hours
Bob SegerTill It Shines  English2 days 2 hours
Abdel Halim Hafezيا مالكا قلبي ya malikan qalbi  Arabic2 days 3 hours
HolografDă-mi iubirea ta  Romanian2 days 3 hours
Sonu NigamANGELINA LYRICS  Hindi2 days 3 hours
Hauff und HenklerWenn eines Tages dein Prinz kommt  German2 days 4 hours
Vladimir Vysotsky"Открытые двери ..."  Russian2 days 4 hours
The Lemon TwigsI Wanna Prove You  English2 days 4 hours
Coco (OST)Un Poco Loco (Arabic)  Arabic (other varieties)2 days 4 hours
Coco (OST)أذكريني | Othkoreeni [Remember Me]  Arabic (other varieties)2 days 4 hours
Joachim WittFrühlingskind  German2 days 4 hours
Prince RoyceEl Clavo  Spanish2 days 4 hours
FantasyEndstation Sehnsucht  German2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibБестия  Russian2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibЛетние тайны  Russian2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibВолны Антарктики  Russian2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibОстаться собой  Russian2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibКолыбельная  Russian2 days 5 hours
Shiki ft. Hentai DudeSenpai  English2 days 5 hours
PostgirobyggetSommer i Norge  Norwegian2 days 5 hours
RAF CamoraCorleone  German2 days 5 hours
CNCOBonita (2018)  Spanish2 days 5 hours
Jah KhalibВ Открытый Космос  Russian2 days 6 hours
Coco (OST)كلنا عارفين خوانيتا [Everyone Knows Juanita]  Arabic2 days 6 hours
Coco (OST)Es Mi Familia العالم [The World Es Mi Familia]  Arabic2 days 6 hours