The Sound of Music (OST) lyrics

Addio, ciao ciao [So Long, Farewell]ItalianEnglish
Ade, lebt wohl [So Long, Farewell]GermanEnglish
Adiós, Farewell [So Long, Farewell](LAS)Spanish
Algo Bueno [Something Good]Spanish
Amor Para Cosechar [Something Good] (LAS)Spanish
Climb Ev'ry MountainEnglishDutch
Der junge Geisshirt [The Lonely Goatherd]GermanEnglish
Do Re MiEnglishRussian
Do Re Mi [Do Re Mi] (EUS)Spanish
Do Re Mi [Do Re Mi] (German)GermanEnglish
Do Re Mi [Do Re Mi] (Italian)ItalianEnglish
Do Re Mi [Do Re Mi] (LAS)Spanish
Edelweiss [Edelweiss]Spanish
La novicia rebelde
Edelweiss [Edelweiss]GermanEnglish
Edelweiss [Edelweiss] (EUS)SpanishEnglish
Edelweiss [Edelweiss] (Italian)ItalianEnglish
El Cabrero Solitario [The Lonely Goatherd]Spanish
El Pastor Solitario [The Lonely Goatherd] (LAS)SpanishEnglish
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?EnglishCroatian
I Have ConfidenceEnglishRussian
Ich denke an das, was schön [My Favorite Things]GermanEnglish
Il pastore che pascolava [The Lonely Goatherd]ItalianEnglish
J'ai confiance en moi [I Have Confidence]FrenchEnglish
La musica va [The Sound of Music]ItalianEnglish
Las cosas que me hacen feliz [My Favorite Things] SpanishEnglish
Le cose che piacciono a me [My Favorite Things]ItalianEnglish
Maria (German)GermanEnglish
María [How do you solve a problem like Maria?] (EUS)Spanish
Maria [Maria] (Italian)ItalianEnglish
Mes Joies Quotidiennes [My Favorite Things]FrenchEnglish
My Favorite ThingsEnglishRussian
Preludio [Prelude]Spanish
Quindici anni, quasi sedici [Sixteen Going on Seventeen]ItalianEnglish
Sixteen Going on SeventeenEnglishGerman
So Long, FarewellEnglish
Something GoodEnglish
Sube Montañas [Climb Ev'ry Mountain] (EUS)SpanishEnglish
Tengo confianza en mi [I Have Confidence] (EUS)Spanish
Tengo confianza en mi [I Have Confidence] (LAS)Spanish
The Lonely GoatherdEnglish
The Sound of MusicEnglish
エーデルワイス [Edelweiss]JapaneseTransliteration
ドレミの歌 [Do Re Mi]Japanese
私のお気に入り [My Favorite Things]JapaneseTransliteration
The Sound of Music (OST) transcription requests
Le Berger Solitaire [The Lonely Goatherd] French 
Respuestas a María [How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?] (LAS) Spanish