For hundreds of years (Stotinama godina)

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For hundreds of years

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You were the only one
who had God's touch within her
and the perfect verse of angles
chose you
I wanted you to be
my light of love
If these heavens let me
I'll love you
For hundreds of years
I'll kiss your face
Hug me before falling asleep
For hundreds of years
So I can wake up to your happy face
My dear, forever
You are the only one,
bring me to life with your lips
and you have to know, only in skies
my love for you will end
Chours x2
Curse me, hurt me
Break me, kill me
But don't give me away
and hold me, forever
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Author's comments:

Some words I couldn't translate directly the way they are, so this is my reference Smile

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Stotinama godina

Znaj, ti si jedina od svih
čije lice Bog je dirao
znaj da te savršeni stih
medu anđelima birao
Htio sam da budeš ti
moje svjetlo ljubavi


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