The Evening Sounds


Suna Seara

N-o sa-ti mai cant
Refrenuri despre tine
N-o sa-ti mai scriu
Versuri prostesti

O sa-ti promit
Ca totul va fi bine
Daca ma crezi
O sa-mi zambesti

Suna suna suna seara
In acorduri noi chitara
Sun-o sun-o melodie
Suna sa-ti o cant si tie

N-o sa-mi mai scrii
Scrisori pe zi o mie
N-o sa ma-ntrebi
Cu cine sunt

Cand o sa auzi
Aceasta melodie
Oriunde as fi
Doar tie itï cant


Try to align

The Evening Sounds

I'm not going to sing you any more
Refrains about you
I'm not going to write you any more
Foolish verses.

I'm going to promise you
That everything will be good
If you believe me
You'll smile at me.

The evening sounds, sounds, sounds
In new chords, the guitar
Sound it, sound it, the song
Sounds so I sing it to you too.

I'm not going to write
A thousand letters a day any more
You're not going to ask me
Who I'm with

When you hear
This song
Wherever I might be
I sing only to you.


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