Messing around (Tá di bobeira)

English translation

Messing around

You were high¹, and put rum into the baby bottle²
'You are messing around, messing around, messing around
You sat down next the chair³
Messing around...
Oh, oh, oh...
You walked up to the shantytown, and danced the whole night
Messing around...
You were high, and put rum into the baby bottle
Messing around...
You used drugs, and rolled over the bed, the whole night
Messing around...
You got here and didn't want do anything
Messing around...
You walked up to the shantytown, and danced the whole night
Messing around...
You slept and someone stole your wallet
Messing around...
You used drugs, and rolled over the bed the whole night
Messing around...
You were high, and put rum into the baby bottle
Messing around...
Submitted by dowlenon1 on Fri, 27/04/2012 - 23:39
Author's comments:

Wow! I have to say that translate this song has been a true challenge for me! It was the hardest song that I've already translated so far, because it is too hard to be understood in Portuguese... and I had to think very much about that lyrics to be able to translate into English, because if I can't get the meaning in PT, how could I get the meaning into other languages? Impossible!

This understanding over the song, however, might not be exactly correct with what the singer wanted to transmist to us, because he used very hard expressions and never before used, at least not I have seen them. But... I believe I got the main meaning of the song. This song is not a "polite" song... very far from this... it is about a song where he uses a lot of rude and non-polite expressions.

Below are the meanings of the parts where you may find some difficulties to understand:

¹ High: you know, when the person smokes a lot of marijuana, they lose the reality sense. Other meanings: doped, flying, stoned.

² Put rum into the baby bottle: actually, that is a literal translation that I made just to not changing a lot the translation, and also because I don't know another expression in English for that, if you do, please, could you tell me? Thanks! Bbut I'm going to explain what's it supposed to mean. Well, it means that, when you are in the "high" state (as I've already explained above), you are predisposed to do things that you wouldn't really do if you were not in this state, like having sex without resistance and etc.

³ You sat down next the chair: means that, the person was so doped that he had not balance and ended up falling on the floor instead of sitting on the chair.

The portuguese words of this song are dirty, I prefer to not put it, too, into English, therefore it may seem more "clean" in English, lucky you! Sighh! Tongue

Finally, any question? Please just comment!

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Daaaniii4 years 47 weeks
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Tá di bobeira

Você chapou, botou pinga na mamadeira
'Tá di bobeira, tá di bobeira, ta di bobeira
Você sentou do lado da cadeira
Tá di bobeira...
Foi lá no morro e dançou a noite inteira


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Daaaniii4 years 47 weeks
Daaaniii     April 28th, 2012

Wow thank you soooooooo much! I'm so grateful! It seemed for me impossible to ever find the meaning of this song.
Hahahaha so now I see, the whole song is about hanging out in high state. Although I speak Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese (really a little little bit), I couldn't understand anything because of so much slang in it I guess. Manu Chao is well known to use a lot of slang in his lyrics, and I also have problems with translating them from Spanish (cause most of them are in that language).
And btw I've seen on your profile that you have translated one song by Marija Šerifović from Serbian! So if you need any help with Serbian feel free to ask me, cause it's my native language.
Lucky you I think that Portuguese is an amazing language, and I hope one day I'll be able to speak it fluently. Muito obrigada! Smile

dowlenon1     April 28th, 2012

Awww, I am so glad you have liked that! Smile

Spanish also is an awesome language, and someday I will learn that! Smile About the Serbian song, shhhhhh don't tell anyone (Tongue), but I absolutely don't know anything about Serbian, but I thought would be helpful if I could translate it through the english translation version, I know it may have some errors, since it is better translating the song from its original language, but I couldn't help myself from helping with this translation. However, I believe everything is alright and looking great in Portuguese! Smile

But, you know, learning other languages is always a good thing and it is everything that I love to do, so I would not mind of learning Serbian too. Therefore, if I got any question, I would be so greatful to count on you! Smile And, Portuguese is indeed an amazing language, we have several cool and awesome singers and I am happy to hear you like so much Portuguese! Smile

The same goes to you, if you have any question or if you need some help with translations from Portuguese to English (or vice versa), please feel completely free to ask me, I would be very glad to be helping you out! Smile

Daaaniii     April 29th, 2012

Yes I think it's completely correct! ( ahah I'm not a big fan of her but it's true that she's good musician Tongue ) You know Serbian sounds like Russian but it's more tough. It is very difficult to learn, and I don't think it's useful at all, and Portuguese in my opinion sounds much much nicer! Smile
And could I ask you one question? What is exactley the difference between Portuguese in Portugal and there in Brazil? I know there is some difference in pronunciation and in use of você, right? Smile Thank you so much my friend in advanced, sorry if I'm boring with questions Tongue

dowlenon1     April 29th, 2012

Hi Daani,

It is nothing friend, don't worry about ask me anything! I will be answering your question through the Private Messages, thus we don't take risk to flood this comment page Smile

Fabiola B     November 17th, 2015


I tried to translate this song into german and I think I found a quite interesting meaning of "fritar na cama", which means, according to urban dictionary "to be in a high state from taking a drug (ecstasy)"

And refering to the title "Estar de bobeira" I found meanings like: "Being useless", "doin' nothing", which seems to have a slightly different meaning than "Messing around" (although English is not my mother tongue).

And, where did you find the meaning of "botar pinga na mamadeira"? I also just managed to translate it literally and just got the meaning of it until I read your translation Smile !