Kiss The Girl (Ta en Kyss [Kiss the Girl])

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Kiss The Girl

See that girl
Most beautiful one in this world
She hasn't said a word
But she has something special
Oh, you desire
Because you're just waiting
For someone to kiss
You are sure
Know exactly what you want
Maybe she will answer Yes
There is one way to ask
Who must row
She is here on board
So you can kiss her
Sing with me now
Sha la la la la la
See on the sly
The boy is too shy
To dare kiss you
Sha la la la la la
Sin and shame
It's becoming a real problem
If he doesn't kiss her
In the lagoon
There are only her and you
Do what you shall do now
Who of you wants to wait
She is just calm
And she wants to be calm
So you can kiss her
Sha la la la la la
Be ready
You aren't afraid, are you
to dare kiss her
Sha la la la la la
Time passes
And everyone is waiting
for you to kiss her
Sha la la la la la
Go for it
and listen to our song
which says
Sha la la la la la
Dare to win
If the girl shall be yours
You'll have to kiss her
Kiss her
Kiss her
Kiss her
Take the chance, kiss her
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Ta en Kyss [Kiss the Girl]

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