Mishary Bin Nafel - Tahazzam Tahazzam (تحزم تحزم) (English translation)


Tahazzam Tahazzam (تحزم تحزم)

تحزم تحزم، خويي تحزم
ننصاهم ننصاهم، ولا أحدٍ بيسلم
شدّ حزامك شدّه، عاللي نوى شدّه
ما عندي في لحاهم، خويّك من قدّه
خويّك من قدّه
ننصاهم ننصاهم، ولا أحدٍ بيسلم
ما يخالف ما يخالف، ما نعرف السوالف
عزومنا أقوى، من جبال الطايف
عالعز والطاعة، اجتمعنا في ساعة
وصلينا فروضنا، مع أهل الجماعة
والله إني حزامك، لا جفوك أعمامك
أوقف من دونك، تلقاني قدّامك
الخوي الوافي، شرواك يا سنافي
أحبك وأودّك، وما أحب التجافي
أبشر على خشمي، تبشر بي يالنشمي
حاضر في لزومك، ومعروفٍ اسمي
نحب المجالس، تسمع وانت جالس
تتعلم الواجب، أخير من المدارس
الخوّة لها حقوق، ولها مقامٍ فوق
ما نهمّل الخوي، تروّح دونه حلوق
الشايب وصاني، محبة اخواني
حشمتك رفيقك، والضيف لا جا عاني
وأنا لك يالرفيق، والله ما تستضيق
أبشر أبشر أبشر، أشب الدنيا حريق
نوماسك نوماسي، يخسي كل قاسي
ارقى للطويلة، وراسك مثل راسي
احتزم احتزم، وهذه حبة خشم
لا تتضايق لا لا، والله ان تبتسم
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English translation

Get ready, get ready

Get ready, get ready, get ready my friend
We'll head towards them, we'll beat them all
Get ready, for the one who brought this to himself
I don't care how strong they are, I'm up to it
You're friend is up to it
We'll head towards them, we'll beat them all
It's ok it's ok, we're men of actions we don't just "talk"
Our determinations is stronger than the mountains of Taif 1
We gathered for a good cause
We performed our prayers as we should
I'm your back up, I got your back when your family doesn't
I stand in front of you to protect you, You'll always find me in front
You are an example of a loyal friend
I like you, I will not turn my back on you
I got this, you'll never be disappointed in me
I'm always here for you, and I'm known of such a manner
We like men gatherings in majlis 2, we listen and learn
We learn how to be men, that's better than schools lessons
Friendships has rights, friendship is something very valuable
We don't ignore our friends, we give our lives for them
My father advised me to stick to three: 1- Loving my brothers and sisters, 2- Respect and stand by my friends. 3- Take good care of our guests. 3
And I'm all yours my friend, PLEASE don't feel bad
I got it, I got it, I got it, I'll fire up the place for you 4
Your dignity is my dignity, will never let anyone mistreat you
I'll do whatever, hurting you means hurting me
Get ready, get ready, please smile
Don't feel bad, Come on smile
“Whatever troubles that soul is reflected, magically, in the poetry. Reading Arabic poetry, therfore, is not an idle excercise. It is a trip inside the Arab soul.”
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Author's comments:

The whole song is about standing by your friend's side, defending him and hurt whoever hurts him, it sounds like street fights. Bunch of videos been made with this song in the background, like this one, featuring Saudi football team players defending their colleagues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1DTMgFh4jg. This is a very popular Iraqi song with the same theme/concept https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDHESzxUbnQ .

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