It's a nonsense [ Tak Νe Byvaet (Так не бывает) ]

English translation

It's a nonsense

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Everytime when you
Lift your eyes up
It seems that you are stronger than me
You play with me
I've believed to you
You are afraid of going after me
I used to be sun that memorize you
Let's go into my doors
I am the way I am
You are inimitable one
Standing a step away from me
It's it's a nonsense
I know that it's the paradise between me
It's it's a nonsense
It's it's a nonsense
We have invented it ourselves
It's it's a nonsense
You swallow your happy tears
With me
Stars know us personally
You are so closer
But there is enough space
I need so much the warmth of your sweet words
In this vanity of big cities
You got my heart heart
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Tak Νe Byvaet (Так не бывает)

Каждый раз,когда
ты поднимаешь глаза
Это кажется сильней меня.
Ты играешь.
Я поверил.
Ты боишься идти по моим следам.
Я был солнцем,чтоб запомнить тебя.


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Effily     May 5th, 2012

Hi! The Russian lyrics have been updated (full 2nd verse), may you correct your translation if needed Wink

infiity13     July 24th, 2016

Lyrics were updated. Could you please check your translation?