Tamio Okuda - Unknown lyrics request

  • Artist: Tamio Okuda
  • Song: Unknown
  • Language: Japanese

Since the title of NASA BAND's YouTube cover is in Japanese, with Kanji, and YouTube doesn't permit copying and pasting titles, I'm sorry but I can't provide it. (Google+ rules allow copying & pasting, but NASA BAND hasn't posted this video on Google+.)

There might be a Tamio Okuda video on YT of this song, if e.g., your rules encourage using the original artist. I wouldn't mind transcription from the original, if so. There isn't an efficient way for me to search a title such as this for Tamio Okuda's original, when I cannot type it.

I would very much appreciate the transcription, transliteration (Romaji) & translation! My purpose is to understand the meaning and be able to do a cover singing it in Japanese. It is also possible there are other covers that might provide more data about the song. Thank You!

Fary    February 11th, 2017

If Tamio Okuda is the artist, it would be better to add just his name in the artist field. Otherwise an artist page called "Tamio Okuda Is Original Artist; Link Is To Nasa Band's Cover" will be created when someone fulfills the request.

MayaM    March 20th, 2017

To Fary:
So you mean I have to request it all over again? Even though you knew exactly who the artist is? That's really a bit self-serving on your part, isn't it? I would like to think you should want to facilitate people receiving their requests. It seems you have facilitated pointing out a correction, plus halted any progress. Couldn't you have made the correction and kept the request going, so we'd have perhaps some progress by now? Wow.

Fary    March 20th, 2017

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but there's nothing wrong with the request now, I already edited the artist name when I hadn't received any answer. You don't have to make the request again or anything, it still waits to be fulfilled. People could have fulfilled this transcription request anyway whether or not I had done that little correction.

MayaM    March 20th, 2017

To Fary,
Okay Thank You. I'm sorry I didn't reply. I got distracted and forgot to check back. I apologize for writing with my misunderstanding. Thank you for not just putting my request on hold. I'm fairly new at making requests still. I have once received a wonderful translation before from lyricstranslate. Another time my request didn't get processed I think partly because I didn't request transcription. A lot's happened since then, & I didn't re-request that song.

Would you please tell me: If lots more time passes and no one has fulfilled my request, is there anything I can do thru _lyricstranslate_ ?
Thank You for your help.

Fary    March 20th, 2017

No problem, at least everything's fine now.

And if more times passes and no one fulfills the request, you can ask for help here in the forum: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/forums/languages-and-translations/lyrics-t...

Alternatively you can try to contact some user who knows Japanese. You can search for members whose native or fluent language is Japanese here: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/members (and it's naturally a good idea to check that they have been online quite recently)

MayaM    March 20th, 2017

Alright. Thanks so much. You've been very helpful. Have a blessed day.