Over There Far Away [ Tamo Daleko (Prvobitna Verzija) ]


Tamo Daleko (Prvobitna Verzija)

Tamo daleko, daleko od mora,
tamo je selo moje, tamo je Srbija
Tamo daleko, gde cveta limun žut,
tamo je srpskoj vojsci jedini bio put
Tamo daleko, gde cveta beli krin
tamo su živote dali zajedno otac i sin
Tamo gde tiha putuje Morava
tamo mi ikona osta i moja krsna slava
Tamo gde Timok pozdravlja Veljkov Grad
tamo mi spališe crkvu u kojoj venčah se mlad
bez otačbine, na Krfu živeh ja
ali sam ponosno klic'o "Živela Srbija!"
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Over There Far Away

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Over there far away
Far away from the sea
There is a village of mine
Over there is Serbia
Over there far away
Far away where the yellow lemon blooms
Over there for the Serbian army
was the only way
Oh did it have to come?
That sad, horrible night
When u,my Dear
went into a bloody fight
Over there far away
Where the white lilly blooms
Over there their lives they gave
Together,a father and a son
Brother Serbs,don't kiss the Greek girls
'Cause in your land
They wait for you, your Serbian girls
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