Esos ojos que me miran, que me dejan sin aliento,
que me encierran en las notas de este tango del deseo.

Es tu aroma que acaricia a este cuerpo
que se mueve al ritmo de tus besos.

Que me saben a durazno estos labios al morderlos,
son tus manos que recorren al compás de este tango
que enciende mi fuego.

Es tu amor el sabor que despierta mi pasión
te permito que acaricies y me dejas ya sin voz,
es la magia del deseo que ilumina esta cancion.

Submitted by xxbreakable on Sat, 21/01/2012 - 18:06
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Those eyes that watch me, that leave me without a breath,
that surround me in the notes of this tango of wishes.

It's your scent that caresses this body
which moves to the rhythm of your kisses.

Even though biting these lips tastes like peach,
it's your hands that pass over the beat of this tango
that lit my fire.

It's your love, the taste that wake my passion
I let you caress and you leave me at once without a sound,
it's the magic of the wish that illuminate this song.

Submitted by Owlin on Sun, 22/01/2012 - 10:22
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